What to Expect at Worship

You can expect us to be very much focused on the reason for our worship- to praise Christ alone! To the relief of many, we have a no formal or informal policy as to what you should wear for worship. Most people wear something modest and casual, and that's perfectly fine. Others love to dress up, and that's fine too! The point is, we are not here to impress each other, we are here to worship the one who clothes us in His righteousness- Jesus Christ!

Our worship style is just as diverse as our congregation- we have a variety of music genres and tempos during our worship music, because our greatest concern is not the music or the notes, but the message and the joyful worship of Jesus Christ! The preaching is in a style that is encouraging, convicting, and uplifting...all the while focusing on the text itself in an expository method of preaching.

All in all, you will find our worship experience Spirit filled, Christ centered, bible based, and relevant to life itself- so come and join us!

Here's a video sample of the preaching at one of our recent worship services. You can find more messages here