Bible Studies

God has given all of us the call to grow in His Word. We become better servants of Christ through His Word, better wives and husbands through it, better parents in it, better students, leaders, followers, everything! This is why we need to take Bible Study seriously as we use a wide variety of methods to learn and grow in the one message of the Bible. Check out our many opportunities for you and your family to grow in God's Word!

Here are Some of our Awesome studies:

  • Sunday Mornings

    For all ages of children, youth, and adults, these many classes will help you to grow in the word while getting to know many other people who also want to grow. Classes are designed for people who are just beginning to learn as well as for those who have been on their spiritual journey for years.

    DAY & TIME: SUNDAY, 9:15 am

  • "MANDAY" Monday Nights

    Monday nights are for men! At 6:30 pm each evening, the guys have a great time studying the Word in special, focused studies to help them to get to know one another and grow together. These studies are good for guys at all levels of spiritual growth- no expertise in the Bible is necessary!! 

    DAY & TIME: MONDAY, 6:30 pm

  • TUESDAY Life CLasses

    Brand new and exciting, these studies are practical, everyday life teachings that help you to connect the Scriptures and life issues. For six weeks, a new life study will be taught such as Debt-Free for Life, Marriage for Life, Parenting for Life, Missions for Life, and so on. Each class will have a two week break that follows, then a another one will start! 

    Check out our Facebook Page for an announcement naming each sessions' Life Class!

    DAY & TIME: TUESDAY, 6:30 pm

  • general bible study

    Every Wednesday night, we have a great study on the book of Acts. This class, taught by Nan Brown, takes students through the life and times of the early church as seen in Scripture. Get challenged and grow as you see how we can learn from the early church's examples.

    DAY & TIME: WEDNESDAY, 6:30 pm

  • Study on the book of romans

    Also on Wednesdays, we have an informative and deep study of various books of the Bible. These precept (verse by verse) studies are sure to help you gain a better understanding of the text as you see God's message in each book! Each class is taught by Marcia Robinson. Past studies have included the book of Jude and the book of John.

    DAY & TIME: WEDNESDAY, 6:30 pm